Ladies and Gentlemen,

we welcome you as a private seller of carrier-pigeons at the International PigeonMarket in Kassel.

As a service provider we have been in contact with exhibitors to ensure an efficient and unbureaucratic coordination, but unfortunately we cannot cope without the fine print because of the variety of technical and organizational units. Therefore, we ask you to read the following information and guidelines carefully.

Requirement for a participation in the fair

Requirement for the exhibition of pigeons

Preventive vaccination of pigeons

You will find information about the Kassel fair here.

Free sale of carrier-pigeons

On the 28th International PigeonMarket we again offer a limited number of lease cages for the private sale of carrier-pigeons. To ensure organisationally and visually proper procedures, we will lease out completely furnished sales blocks this year as well.

A single sales block consists of 12 cages.

The rent for a block of 12 is EUR 200

including VAT for two days.

According to the regulations of the "Staatliches Amt für Tierschutz und Veterinärwesen" every pigeon exhibitor must make sure that his/her pigeon have been vaccinated against paramyxovirus for an entire year (min. 3 weeks and max. 11 months prior to the exhibition).

In the interest of animal protection each bidder is obliged to have a single cage occupied by one pigeon only. In case of non-compliance the exhibition management reserves the right to close the stand immediately

Transport baskets for "refilling" may be placed under the sales cages.

Due to the limited number of lease cages registration can only be made in the order of letters received.